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I. Likarchuk: three features of the educational bureaucracy



The Ministry of Education recommends that schools make changes to the structure of the school year

Schools received recommendations regarding the start date of the holidays

The Ministry of Education and Science recommends that Ukrainian schools make changes to the structure of the school year and spend the autumn holidays from 15 to 30 October 2020 inclusive.

The corresponding letter of the educational department was sent to the addresses of the heads of local government bodies in the field of education and directors of secondary education institutions.

The decision to transfer vacations to the Ministry of Education and Science is justified by the need to take urgent measures to minimize physical contact between participants in the educational process, given the rapid increase in the incidence of COVID-19, as well as increasing cases of infection of teachers and students.

“Ensuring social distance between the participants in the educational process in order to break the chains of infection, transmit a dangerous infection and, finally, contain the epidemic is especially important in the organization of the educational process in a pandemic. Given the above, the Ministry of Education and Science recommends that general secondary education institutions make changes to the structure / duration of the school year, necessary for the autumn holidays from 15 to 30 October 2020 inclusive, “said the Ministry of Education.



The main product of the life of education authorities – a variety of papers

I. Likarchuk: three features of the educational bureaucracy

Author: Igor Likarchukex-head of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment.

The most basic product of the life of the education authorities of Ukraine are various orders, instructions, plans, programs, recommendations.

Some of them are better, others are worse. Some are from the field of fiction, and others are deeply grounded in the Soviet past … How many of them were written, approved, registered – no one will ever count.

This process of producing such a product in the Ukrainian educational dimension has three features. The first is that none of the authors, as well as those who approve or sign orders, decisions, orders, has ever borne and is not responsible for their signature. Despite the fact that the fate of thousands of people and the efficiency of spending huge sums of budget funds depend on this signature. And I do not know a single example from the history of the educational system of Ukraine, if someone publicly admitted that he was ashamed of this or that decision. A very illustrative example is the publication of textbooks for budget funds with outright nonsense in the content …

The second feature is that, making a decision, signing an order, instruction, etc. in education, no one calculates the possible budget expenditures for the implementation of this decision, does not forecast the results, does not calculate the risks and possible negative, as well as positive, consequences. One of the latest examples that confirms this conclusion is the creation of internal systems of ensuring the quality of education in general secondary education institutions, as a completely formal education …

The third feature: there is no system of control over the implementation of already adopted decisions, signed orders, issued instructions, etc. Formally, it may exist. But in practice it does not exist. Moreover, each new leader is in a hurry to distance himself from the decisions made by his predecessors. And given the fact that educational leaders in our country are changing very quickly, the fate of many decisions on the second day after their approval becomes obvious. No wonder experienced heads of educational institutions have long had a practice: “Do not rush to implement the decisions of” superiors “. It is possible that they will not need to be performed” …

That is, the decision-making system is aimed in advance at the fact that they will not be implemented. But no one wants to admit it. And to confirm – one of the examples of our educational present: the adopted recommendations and approved instructions for the organization of distance learning are not confirmed by providing teachers with appropriate equipment for its implementation …

This topic can be continued for a very long time. Because it is eternal for our education system. Despite the change of education ministers, their deputies, heads of local education authorities. And all of them see the most important task to develop, change, reform, approve, sign something … But as a result – everything goes in a circle … Isn’t that why I remember G. Skovoroda’s words more and more often: “Don’t teach an apple tree to bear apples from her pigs …”

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What should be the examination of textbooks, the publication of which costs hundreds of millions from the budget

Igor Likarchuk: there are and will be more pearls in textbooks

Author: Igor Likarchuk, ex-head of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment.

I advise you to look closely at the tasks from the current school textbook for 3rd grade students of the New Ukrainian School. As a grandfather, I don’t want the teacher to explain to my grandson in the third grade what mulled wine is and why you should drink it when you are frozen … I will be silent about the journey of two children to the top of the mountain …

So, tomorrow marks 4 years since I proposed to the Ministry of Education and Science a fundamentally new technology for examining school textbooks based on the use of modern information technology, which guaranteed that there would be nothing like this (or worse) in school textbooks. This technology was developed by me and my colleagues based on the experience of many countries around the world, working a lot with textbook authors, publishers …

UAH 7-10 million was needed to develop the appropriate software and its comprehensive protection system … They did not want to find them.

Our proposals died in the annals of the Directorate of General Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education and Science. Nobody told me the reasons why our proposals were rejected. Almost a year of work “went under the cat’s tail.”

They didn’t want to give textbook reviews to our Center … And now we have.

I am sure that there are and will still be such pearls in textbooks. Note that these are textbooks, the publication of which costs hundreds of millions of budget money every year …

P.S. Chemistry textbook claims that soda cures cancer …

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Changing the name and sign does not mean changing the essence, as evidenced by the Ukrainian experience

I. Likarchuk: many schools https://123helpme.me/buy-compare-and-contrast-essay/ will not become gymnasiums

Author: Igor Likarchuk, former head of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment. 

“Give” high school “of Ukrainian secondary education.” Such words come to mind when you read the fascinating reports of local education authorities about the plans and facts of the transformation of secondary schools of the former second grade in the gymnasium. I just can’t understand why?

If we delve into the history of education, the gymnasiums, as one of the types of secondary schools, have undergone quite complex disturbances. But they were never mass educational institutions. In Ukraine, gymnasiums until 1917 and in the first decade of our Independence were institutions with a higher level of organization of the educational process, compared to a regular school. And they had every reason to do so: personnel, material, organizational. Many gymnasiums then could safely be called author’s institutions, which implemented original methods of organizing the educational process …

From now on, all schools that provide incomplete general secondary education should become gymnasiums … But will this change the staff, conditions, methods? I doubt it very much. First of all, because such changes require serious investment. Which are not present.

I also know very well that a change of name and sign does not mean a change of essence. By the way, our recent Ukrainian experience shows the same thing. I am talking about support schools, which have been created en masse in recent years as a team and accompanied by foreign “experts” and home-grown agents of change. Many of them did not become real “support”. And their graduates did not show super results of external evaluation. Although the low results of the external evaluation and the seemingly “poor” quality of education in rural schools (which in fact no one has ever “measured”), were the main official reason for the creation of support schools …

And now I read on the Internet that in one OTG by the decision of local deputies and on the initiative of the local education authority all rural schools of the 2nd degree became gymnasiums … And their principals are already taking pictures against the background of new signs …

And why would no one think of calling all the Zhiguli from the first to the seventh model, many of which still smoke on the streets of our cities and villages, “Mercedes”? That all owners of “Zhiguli” merced.

Funny offer. Is not it? And there are no problems in calling schools, many of which are weak, gymnasiums. And no one is funny. On the contrary – forward and faster.

It is not a problem to change the name. The problem is that this “Lada” will never become a “Mercedes”. Thus, many schools will never be real gymnasiums in the classical sense of the word. Even if the new sign is made of precious metals. As, say, from gold – a brush for a toilet … The functional purpose of gold absolutely does not differ from that costs 50 UAH. But what can’t you do for the sake of show-offs …

So with the gymnasium of general secondary education of the 2nd degree …

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Only in totalitarian societies are state systems invented to evaluate the work of teachers by officials

Igor Likarchuk: in education we have what we have

Author: Igor Likarchuk, former head of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment, and. at. Director of the Training and Methodological Center for Quality Assurance in Education.

After this morning’s meetings, I thought about this. Only in totalitarian societies are state systems invented to evaluate the work of teachers by officials. It does not matter what those officials are called and in what structures they work.